26 King Street, Rockport, MA 01966


A charming 1850 Victorian Bed & Breakfast Inn with 12 guest rooms individually decorated, all with private bath, located just 800 feet from the beach, restaurants, and over 100 unique shops. The Linden Tree has been in continuous use as an inn since the 1920’s. Our Carriage House features 4 large modern rooms with small efficiency kitchens. Located just one hour from Boston by car or train.


Most agree that one day is really not enough to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of Rockport….We believe our inn is the perfect place for rest, relaxation, and romance. We can comfortably meet the needs of singles, couples, or small families. Our room rates are very competitive. Please call us for brochure requests, room availability, and reservation information.

We look forward to having breakfast with you this season!


• Enjoy our full breakfast with Tobey’s famous scones.
• We are a non-smoking inn for your comfort.
• We have our own twenty-car car park.

Experience for yourself our Anglo-American hospitality.


Tobey and John bought the Linden Tree Inn in June, 2002


Prior to becoming an innkeeper, Tobey was a pediatric home care nurse for over 15 years. In addition to nursing, Tobey ran a computer play program and toy lending library of adapted toys for young children focusing on children with severe motor impairments. An avid crafter, Tobey loves to create…scrapbooking, making cards, rubber stamping, dabbling in watercolor painting, coloring, knitting, creative journaling and reading.


John came to the United States from Britain in the year 2000 when he and Tobey were married. He has been teaching economics and a bit of finance at a local university. John grew up in Plymouth, England. Prior to immigrating to the US to be with Tobey he was teaching economics and politics at Nottingham High School, a prestigious all boys prep school. During his tenure there he ran the Politics Society, procuring speakers from different governmental agencies and large corporations.


The Linden Tree Inn was built around 1850 by Anson Stimson for him and his young bride and they raised their family here. The house is an Italianate Style Victorian house, built during a very prosperous time. Anson was a part owner of the Rockport Granite Company. As you go up Granite St, you will go over a granite bridge, called the Keystone Bridge. To the right is a building that was once the Rockport Granite Company office, it is a private residence now.

The Rockport Granite Company was the first quarry to build a railway to take the carts of granite down to the ocean and the waiting schooners to take the granite to far off places. Rockport granite is very unique in its striations of color. Anson and Nancy raised their 3 children here, Fred, Annie and Kate. Kate died young, at 17 years of age. Annie continued to live in the house, and sometime in the 1920’s started to open up the house to the public, most likely either taking in lodgers or summer guests. Our best guess is that Annie wanted to keep the servants on and had to find a way to continue to pay them. Sometime in the late 1920s, the house was acquired by The McCullochs, William and Mattie. They named the house the Broadview House, and in the summer they would take in guests. As their children grew and moved out, Mattie and William ended up raising their grandsons, Billie Swan and Ed McCulloch. During the summer months, Billie and Ed would have to stay in the cupola, because their rooms were rented out to guests. This picture is of William and Mattie on the front steps of the Broadview House.

The McCulloch’s maintained the house as the Broadview House until June of 1953 when Pauline (Polly) Tysver and her husband purchased the house. They renamed it the Linden Tree Inn, and began a more traditional type of bed and breakfast. They continued to run the inn until January 1980, when Penny and Larry Olson purchased the property. They removed a barn and in its place built the carriage house. April 1995, Jon and Dawn Cunningham purchased the Linden Tree when Penny and Larry retired. Tobey & John purchased the inn in June 2002 and have continued to carry on the legacy of the Linden Tree.


If you are interested in British history, John’s ancestor sailed with Charles Darwin on the famous voyage of the Beagle in 1830 from Plymouth, England, and Tobey’s Packard ancestors came over from Ipswich shortly after the Mayflower on the boat the Diligence in 1639.

One of John’s interests is British history from the Armada, and he grew up in the beautiful West of England; anyone familiar with Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Bath, and Exeter know what heritage and beauty that part of England has.