26 King Street, Rockport, MA 01966

To all our Linden Tree Family and Friends:

It has been a long year for all of us with the pandemic hitting us all so unexpectedly, and as the months dragged on, it was clear we needed to make a choice regarding the inn and safety for ourselves and our guests. We decided to remain closed throughout the summer and to consider reopening in the fall. When we explored the safety requirements to reopen, it was clear it was not how we wanted to provide hospitality for our guests and considered our options. In the end, we decided that it was time to retire and start a new chapter.  We split the lot so the main house and carriage house are 2 separate addresses and put the main house up for sale. This past Tuesday we closed on the main house and have moved over to the carriage house. Not only are we going to have a new life, but the house will no longer be an inn, and will have a family living there. 

We are happy for the new chapter we are starting and also for a new chapter for the Linden Tree to revert back to the original purpose of being built as a home for a family. We are looking forward to what the future has to hold for all of us. We haven’t gone far and if you are in Rockport, we would love to meet up with you. Our phone number remains the same as before. If you are looking for accommodation in Rockport, please refer to the Inns of Rockport Website, (www.innsofrockport.com) there are many fine inns to choose from, and we know you would enjoy staying with another of our innkeeper friends. 
Warm regards, 
Tobey and John


After almost 100 years of serving as some type of public accommodation, the Linden Tree has reverted back to a private residence.

Linden Tree Inn History

The Linden Tree Inn was built around 1850 by Anson Stimson for him and his young bride and they raised their family here. The house is an Italianate Style Victorian house, built during a very prosperous time.